Where there is a will, there is a way

While our campus is temporarily closed, our faculty remains excited and prepared to support continuous learning for our students. We are calling this learning plan HSC@home.

HSC@home will ensure that there is an uninterrupted connection between our students and their teachers during this current COVID-19 health crisis. We will leverage online learning, myHSC, and other remote learning strategies to provide a curriculum-based education for our students that will be authentic, engaging and meaningful. Teachers will use age and stage appropriate online tools, texts, recorded videos, and other applications to demonstrate new concepts and skills while engaging their students. 

Our IT department has been working to ensure that faculty members have the tools and systems they need, and our faculty have been actively participating in remote learning professional development for the past number of days. There will be an element of experimentation over time to determine what will be the best approach. There will be some detours along the way as our teachers and support staff are learning along with our students. We will also be providing student success support, wellness options, counselling support and academic support during this difficult time.

When looking at our weekly schedule, we are introducing some modifications. We will offer a “Wellbeing Wednesday” program. This day is a College-wide initiative to provide alternative programming focused on wellbeing, academic enrichment and school life. Wellbeing Wednesdays will begin on Wednesday, April 22.
HSC@home Academic Plans: 
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