HSC@home Senior School Academic Plan

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  • Academic Schedule

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  • Academic Strategy

    • Classes in the Senior School will run according to our regular timetable/8-day cycle.
    • Each teacher will communicate what needs to be completed for each course through your myHSC class bulletin board. 
    • Other school communications will be posted on myHSC.  
    • We require students to check their email and myHSC daily for course updates and other important information.
    • Classes will begin with live synchronous settings, during which attendance will be taken, teachers will explain the lesson and address student questions.
    • Attendance is taken to ensure that we are continuing to engage all of our students. This is not punitive but rather to make sure that we are engaging our entire community.
    • The duration of this live session may extend to 45 minutes as determined by the teacher based on the subject, unit and lesson, and will take into account the needs of the class.
    • A 15-minute break separates classes, a time when we expect students to look away from their screens, move about and re-energize. 
    • Academic Flex is at the end of the day to provide students with the time to generate any questions they may have based on the work of the day. 
    • The day ends with community time to wrap up our school day as we know that it is a vital part of life at HSC. This may include but is not limited to club or team meetings, house meetings, art or music challenges, or other social opportunities.
    • Detailed program information and communication about Learning Services and counselling will be communicated by Principals to their individual school communities.
  • Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting

    • Continue to have assessment “as” and “for” learning to support student learning.
    • Begin assessment “of” learning (summative evaluations) for new material that is being covered and the results will be used by teachers to inform student’s final course marks.
    • In most cases, so long as students continue to engage in their courses to the best of their abilities, given the circumstances, we do not expect final marks will fall from where they were prior to March break.
    • The COVID-19 pandemic will not negatively impact students’ marks.
    • Decisions about culminating activities and final exams will be made in the coming days.
  • Communication

    • There will be as required updates from the Principal. This may take the form of a memo or a video.
    • We want every student to feel connected, so we will have regular check-ins with students from their classroom teachers, their tutorial leaders and our other HSC support staff. 
    • Senior School Parent-Teacher-Student Interviews will run April 30 & May 7. 
HSC@home Academic Plans: 
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