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HSC Arts Scholarship
HSC’s Arts Scholarship recognizes excellence in the arts including music, drama and dance. 

Students in Grades 9, 10 and 11 with an 80% or higher academic standing are encouraged to apply to receive this $5,000 scholarship which is renewable for up to four years. The winning candidate must remain in a minimum of one arts course per year to be eligible.

Depending on the students chosen focus, the application process is as follows:
    • Music Photo

      Music Photo



Video Application: Each music candidate is asked to submit a video link of no more than 10 minutes, sharing a performance, or compilation of performances of the student's choosing.
Interview/Audition: Selected students may be asked to perform a piece or pieces of their choosing up to a maximum 10-minute program and will complete an interview. 
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      Dramatic Arts Photo

      Dramatic Arts

Drama or Dance

Video Application: Each candidate will submit a video of no more than 10 minutes sharing preferred performance(s). 

Interview/ Audition: Selected students may perform a candidate preferred program choice up to a maximum 10-minute program, and will complete an interview. 
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      Visual Arts Photo

      Visual Arts


Digital Portfolio Application: Each art candidate is asked to submit a digital presentation of up to a maximum of 10 slides of original work. For each piece, please indicate the title, dimensions, medium, and date. 

Interview: Selected students will discuss selections from their portfolio with an interview. 

All applications will be reviewed and a shortlist of candidates will be contacted to move to the audition/interview phase. All students must be enrolled for the following school year. Any accompanist arrangements will be the responsibility of and organized by the candidate. Piano, sound system and Artsplex stage will be made available to all candidates.

For more on this opportunity, read our scholarship information overview here or contact scholarships@hsc.on.ca.
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