Local Sources

Locally sourced ingredients ensure premium freshness for our entrées. Local sourcing is also good for sustainability reasons and supports Canadian farmers. You can taste the difference that freshness makes!

The culinary team at Lawson Hall will provide high-quality, healthy menu options with all selections prepared from “scratch” using fresh, local ingredients. Our purchasing decisions are based solely on how we can deliver the best food every day.

Watch for a map that showcases various Ontario suppliers and the local ingredients they will provide to us. For example, below is handful of local farms and suppliers from whom we will source fresh food and ingredients for Lawson Hall.

  • Bright Cheese & Butter Company (Cheese & Butter) Bright, ON – 82 kms
  • Wellington County Beef (Ontario Beef) Guelph, ON – 74 kms
  • Den Boer Farms (Root vegetables, Celery, Radish & Beets) Otterville, ON – 88 kms
  • Grey Ridge Egg Farms (Eggs) Listowel, ON – 114 kms

We are proud to support local by:
  • promoting local, in-season produce and recipes
  • consistently sourcing local Canadian products
  • requiring our distributors to provide reporting that measures our local and Canadian content

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