Teaching Assistants at HSC

Our Teaching Assistant (TA) program provides a mutually beneficial experience to new and upcoming teachers and Hillfield Strathallan College.

This program began in 2013 and as we approach our third year we are seeing excellent results. Job postings and decisions regarding teaching assistants are usually made from mid-March through mid-June. 
Benefits of the Program: 
  • TAs bring new and exciting learning experiences to our students and faculty 
  • HSC builds leadership capacity through mentorship from our talented and experienced faculty
  • Faculty experience current best practices in 21st century learning by new educators 
  • TAs provide individualized support for our students 
  • TAs leave the program with a strong base as they begin their professional careers as classroom educators
  • TAs experience teaching in an Independent School environment and are eligible for hire
  • TAs are eligible for professional development opportunities while employed
  • TAs gain a full year of continuous day-to-day professional experience with their students, while providing valuable support to the school
  • TAs gain experience in co-curricular programs
  • TAs provide assistance to classroom teachers

Measure of Success:
We have a pool of qualified and experienced professionals for hire by Hillfield Strathallan College and other educational institutions. 

Teaching Assistants (TAs) go through an interview process and are offered a one year TA position. Any TAs not hired into teaching roles at the end of the first year are welcome to re-apply. This provides an opportunity for the TA to reflect on the academic year and also for HSC to provide formal feedback to each Teaching Assistant to ensure professional growth. Throughout the academic year, and during the reapplication process, we commit to do our best to ensure TAs are set up for success.

List of 2 members.

  • Photo of Eleonor Kerr

    Eleonor Kerr 

    Director of Operations and Human Resources
    (905) 389-1367 Ext: 159
  • Carrie Hinich 

    Human Resources Officer
    (905) 389-1367 Ext: 133

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