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Community Wellbeing

Community Wellbeing
Wellbeing During Continuous HSC@home Learning

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  • Co-curricular Programming

    Adjusting to HSC@home remote academic classes is the College’s priority. Given the importance of relationships and engagement to personal wellbeing, the College will as appropriate create opportunities for students to participate in online co-curricular programming. This may include student clubs moving to an online format and arts activities represented through a virtual domain. The College will share resources in an effort to aid parents and families in supporting their children’s wellbeing, the College will also share updates on the ways wellbeing is being supported at the College on a regular basis.
  • Physical and Mental Wellbeing

    Physical activity is essential to wellbeing and during periods when the school’s education is delivered remotely and the athletic programming is on hold it may mean that students are more sedentary. The College’s physical education faculty will deliver content through their scheduled class time that promotes learning about fitness, sleep, nutrition, and engagement in physical movement and activity, as well as developing “how-to” videos and content for home-based workouts. In addition, the Student Success Centre and faculty trained in mindfulness practices will share additional resources on mindfulness, stress management and other relevant topics.
  • School Life

    School Life will continue through HSC@home through group events, online Chapel, Prefect-led online events and celebrations. We will be evaluating the various ways our school life programs can be moved into a safe and engaging online community - stay tuned.
  • The Health Services Team

    The College’s Health Services team is available online to continue to support the mental health and emotional wellbeing of our students. Parents and families should contact their child’s tutorial leader, teacher or a member of the College’s Health Services team if they have any concerns about their wellbeing, or if they have further ideas as to how we might be of more support.
    For general medical enquiries and questions about health, please email Cindy Lima Rivera, Manager, Health
    Services or Gina Ranger, College Counsellor.
    In our Senior School, the tutorial system will continue to serve as a way through which students can connect and develop relationships with their peers and tutorial leader. In addition to individual check-ins with leaders, designated advising time will provide students with the opportunity for intentional social interaction overseen by a member of the faculty.
    HSC’s Framework for Wellbeing, Dr. Greg Wells’ book The Ripple Effect: Sleep Better, Eat Better, Move Better, Think Better, outlined HERE, will guide specific content for advising sessions, providing learning around evidenced-based dimensions to enhance individual and collective wellbeing. Where appropriate, this content will be relevant to the current context, both as a College and the larger community.
    Questions about advising content should be directed to Linda Kemp, Director, Student Success; Cindy Lima Rivera, Manager, Health Services; or Gina Ranger, College Counsellor.
  • Wellbeing

    The health and wellbeing of students and community members remain the College’s top priority. Times of uncertainty and unpredictability may cause significant stress on individuals. At this time of transition into the post-pandemic era, it is imperative for students, parents and families, faculty and staff to monitor their personal wellbeing and that of others.

    Identified below are some of the ways through which the College will continue to support the physical, social, emotional and cognitive wellbeing of the students during this time.

    During this period there will be unanticipated challenges requiring various wellbeing supports and we will continue to seek feedback from the community to ensure we meet evolving needs where possible.
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