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Junior School Academic Plan

Junior School Academic Plan
HSC@home Junior School Academic Plan

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  • Academic Strategy

    • The amount of time spent online varies depending on the age and stage of development of the children. The HSC@home program follows the daily program of the students who are in class.
    • Timetables have been designed to allow for an easy transition between home and school. They offer a balance of opportunities as a way to allow for the varied schedules that you are all experiencing at home.  
    • Classroom Topic pages as a reference tool for further in-depth information regarding daily instruction.
    • The Junior School curriculum offers opportunities for students to be engaged in a variety of ways.  
    • Some opportunities will be teacher-led, while others will allow students to explore extensions to topics or explore a passion project all on their own.  
    • Self-paced activities are a way to enable students to build independence and work with a variety of levels of assistance from home and teachers.
    • Teachers will also provide a variety of opportunities for students to reflect and share learning goals with their teachers.
    • Typical learning experience may include: 
      • Introduction:  Explanation either synchronous or asynchronous from the teacher. All materials will be located on the classroom Topic pages 
      • Learning Tasks:  A brief learning objective and task, including directions, materials needed, and connections to prior learning. 
      • Feedback:  Interaction or follow-up to allow for feedback from the teacher on student progress or learning clarification. 
    • Support from our Learning Commons and Living Room staff will provide yet another platform for student interaction and engagement in topics that resonate with our learners.
    • Detailed program information and communication about Learning Services and counselling will be communicated by Principals to their individual school communities.
  • Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting

    • Junior School teachers will continue to provide regular ongoing assessment and evaluation through summative and formative evaluations to students through this process. 
    • Assessment and evaluation during HSC@home will continue to include a variety of assessment opportunities that inform our best teaching practices as well as give valuable feedback for student learning. 
    • Evaluations have never been used to assign a mark but offer individualized next steps in learning for students and teachers. 
    • Assessment practices will vary depending on the age and stage of the students and will be submitted to teachers in a variety of formats. 
    • The reporting period is noted in the calendar on myHSC. The next reporting period for the Junior School students will be the first term report card in November and will be accompanied by Parent teacher conferences via Zoom.
  • Communication

    • Junior School faculty will regularly be in contact with students and families.  
    • Parent-teacher interviews for the Junior School will occur in November; however, if you have a question, feedback or concern regarding your child’s progress, please reach out directly to your child’s classroom teacher.
    • Principal letters will be sent to the Junior School community regularly.
HSC@home Academic Plans: 

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