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Middle School Academic Plan

Middle School Academic Plan
HSC@home Middle School Academic Plan

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  • Academic Strategy

    • Remote learners are encouraged to begin your day in myHSC. Your teachers will post work on myHSC Class Bulletin Boards for each of your classes. Daily work will include important links to Zoom meetings, shared documents or other online destinations.
    • Middle School classes will run according to our regular timetable and 8-day cycle. Students will begin and end their day in home form. Home form time runs 8:15-8:30 a.m. and is a great time to plan your day. We begin the academic day with Period 1 at 8:35 a.m. 
    • Remote learners are responsible for being online, in appropriate dress and with your video on, available to teachers for the duration of each class (unless instructed otherwise by teachers). 
    • Attendance will be taken in the first ten minutes of class and reviewed later in the period  
    • Flex times will run daily. Remote students are welcome to participate in our House Challenges.
    • Detailed program information and communication about Learning Services and counselling will be communicated by Principals to their individual school communities.
  • Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting

    • During these unusual COVID times, please know that our teachers will be balancing academic rigour with student support/wellbeing and building relationships.
  • Communication

    • There will be a weekly video update with announcements from the Principal, teachers and even students. These will be published each Friday afternoon and address events pertaining to the week ahead
    • Principal letters will be sent to the Middle school community regularly with updates on protocols and policies
    • Teachers are available to meet to address any concerns from home, with all meetings conducted online in Zoom
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