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Montessori School Academic Plan

Montessori Academic Plan
HSC@home Montessori School Academic Plan

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  • Academic Strategy

    • Detailed program information and communication about Learning Services and counselling will be communicated by Principals to their individual school communities.  
    • Montessori and educational research support hands-on concrete learning under the age of 6.  In that spirit, our Casa and 5s program teachers have designed activities and lessons that emphasize that approach to learning.
    • For our older students who have experience with technology being a part of their learning, we will engage them in a blended curriculum that uses a variety of programs to assign, evaluate and track learning.
    • We will use myHSC class page as your first go-to resource, with emails and Google Docs for our older students.
    • Webex will facilitate group meetings for circles, story and novel reading, French, music, and physical education classes. 
    • That interactive platform will also be available for students to meet one-on-one with teachers for personalized lessons, reading and planning.
    • Support from our Learning Commons and Living Room staff will provide yet another platform for student interaction and engagement in topics that resonate with our learners.
    • Hallmarks in our program, such as student choice, work geared to each child’s level and teacher guidance to balance curricular choices, will be honoured. 
    • Teachers will monitor work, meet individually with students and plan their next curricular adventure just as they do in class. 
    • Suggested timetables will be sent home for each level, and we ask parents to follow it if their at-home situation allows.
  • Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting

    • Ongoing and continuous assessment is our model of evaluation. 
    • Our teachers through one-on-one chats or in the checking of work are constantly assessing progress and planning new lessons. 
    • For our older children that process includes student conferencing and reflection.
  • Communication

    • Communication with your child’s teacher will be ongoing. 
    • Principal letters will be sent to the Montessori school community regularly.
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