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Senior School Academic Plan

Senior School Academic Plan
HSC@home Senior School Academic Plan

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  • Academic Strategy

    • Classes in the Senior School will run according to our set timetable/8-day cycle for the 2021-2022 school year.
    • Each teacher will communicate what needs to be completed for each course through your myHSC class bulletin board. 
    • Other school communications will be posted on myHSC.  
    • We require students to check their email and myHSC daily for course updates and other important information.
    • Students must be present in the Zoom classroom and have their video on for at least the first and last 10 minutes of each period with their webcams turned on. 
    • Attendance is taken to ensure that we are continuing to engage all of our students. 
    • With a document camera outfitted in each classroom, students are able to join and engage in their classes.
    • A one-hour lunch separates the four classes, a time when we expect students to look away from their screens, move about and re-energize. 
    • Tutorial meetings take place every other Monday during flex time.
    • Tuesday to Friday ends with flex time to wrap up our school day as we know that it is a vital part of life at HSC. This may include but is not limited to academic support, club meetings, house meetings, physical movement, or other social opportunities. 
    • Detailed program information and communication about Learning Services and counselling will be communicated by Principals to their individual school communities.
  • Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting

    • Continue to have assessments “as” and “for” and “of” learning to support student learning.
    • Each semester will have one set of parent-teacher-student interviews and two reporting periods; midterm and final.
    • Decisions about culminating activities and final exams will be made and communicated throughout the year.
  • Communication

    • There will be as required updates in memo form from the Principal. 
    • We want every student to feel connected, so we will have regular check-ins with students from their classroom teachers, their tutorial leaders and our other HSC support staff. 
    • Mid-term reports will be released in November.
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