Project-Based Learning

August 20 -22, 2018
Hillfield Strathallan College is pleased to host the PBL CANADA INSTITUTE in collaboration with the Buck Institute for Education (BIE).

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Program Descriptions

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  • PBL 101 (3 days)

    Based on the Buck Institute for Education's model for Gold Standard PBL, the three-day PBL 101 Workshop engages participants in learning how to design, assess, and manage a rigorous, relevant, standards-focused project. The workshop models the project process. Facilitated by one of BIE's expert National Faculty, the workshop is a balanced blend of direct instruction, video analysis, hands-on work, resource sharing, and peer collaboration. Participants have substantial time to plan their own project, and receive formative feedback from peers and the facilitator.


    Day 1: Participants will become familiar with Gold Standard Project Based design elements and teaching practices. They will generate project ideas that are aligned to standards and that help students build key success skills.

    Day 2: Participants will engage in peer critique, refining their project ideas as they learn about the importance of critique and revision in the PBL classroom. They will explore high-quality assessment in PBL, plan assessments for their projects, and take part in differentiated learning experiences based on their needs.

    Day 3: Participants explore principles and practices of management in the PBL classroom, and use a structured protocol to improve, develop, and share their project plans.

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  • PBL 201 (3 days)

    Prerequisite: PBL 101
    The three-day PBL 201 Workshop is based on BIE’s Gold Standard Project Based Teaching Practices and focuses on K-12 classroom practice. Coaches and leaders are encouraged to attend to learn more about supporting Gold Standard PBL practices. Facilitated by BIE's expert National Faculty, the workshop is hands-on, involves peer collaboration, and models PBL practice.


    Day 1:
     On each day of the PBL 201 workshop, participants will dive deeply into two of the Gold Standard Project Based Teaching Practices. Day 1 focuses on the practices Align to Standards and Manage Activities, with an emphasis on balancing and supporting different types of learning goals across a project and creating effective teams through project roles.

    Day 2:
     Participants will explore the practices Build the Culture and Assess Student Learning. The day will focus on creating a classroom culture that supports high-quality student work, and using standards-aligned rubrics throughout a project to guide teacher actions and student learning.

    Day 3:
     Participants will deepen their understanding of the Scaffold Student Learning and Engage & Coach teaching practices. They will learn how to thoughtfully plan and differentiate scaffolds for students during a project, and how to support all students through coaching and engagement strategies.

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  • PBL Leadership Academy (3 days)

    The PBL Leadership Academy is a three-day workshop for instructional leaders and administrators, who may attend as leadership teams. This workshop engages leaders in exploring best practices in leading a school or district in the effective, sustainable implementation of Project Based Learning. Through a combination of direct instruction, video analysis and hands on individual and group work, participants gain deeper understanding of high quality PBL and the structures and practices that allow this instructional approach to flourish. Facilitated by BIE's expert National Faculty, the workshops are hands-on, involve peer collaboration, and model PBL practice.

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