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HSC’s Alumni Association
The bond that exists between HSC students past and present is like no other. The experiences shared in the halls, classrooms and playing fields of our great College live on through the connections of our Alumni Association. Any student who attended HSC, Highfield, Hillcrest, Hillfield or Strathallan for at least one year is automatically a member of HSC’s Alumni Association and gets to reap the benefits of its tight knit community. With a storied legacy of over 100 years, our College has a network of alumni located all around the world who carry with them the same HSC values and ideals that we hold true today. By tapping into this network, HSC is able to extend learning beyond the walls of our campus and offer lifelong rewards to all alumni. We invite you to explore all that our Alumni Association has to offer and we look forward to sharing more memories with you.
A Letter from the President of HSC’s Alumni Association

Welcome Alumni!

As the President of the Hillfield Strathallan College Alumni Association, it is both an honour and a privilege to extend warm greetings to each and every one of you. Our vibrant community of alumni continues to be a bold testament to the enduring spirit of HSC, where friendships have been cemented, knowledge acquired, and cherished memories created, shaping the diverse paths our alumni have chosen. Regardless of your own personal journey, we, as alumni, share a unique bond that transcends time and distance.

In the spirit of fostering connections, I invite you to engage with our expanding network of alumni through HSC Connect, our co-op mentorship program. This initiative not only benefits students navigating their educational journey but also offers mentors an enriching experience, underscoring the reciprocal value of cooperative programming. I encourage you to stay connected with fellow alumni during events like Remembrance Day, Carol Service, our Alumni Hockey Tournament, the Alumni Golf Classic, or our Alumni Reunions. 

There’s something for everyone! Let’s celebrate our shared history, embrace the present, and look forward to the exciting chapters that lie ahead for our students, alumni, and beloved College.

Wishing you continued success and fulfilment,

Rob Alexander ’89
President, Hillfield Strathallan College Alumni Association
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