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HSC Services
HSC makes sure that all of our students are provided with ample support and opportunity to achieve their very best within our learning environment. From transportation to food and after school care, HSC is committed to enhancing student experience across all aspects of learning. Below is a breakdown of HSC’s services included with tuition.

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  • Camps

    For more than 30 years, HSC has offered  outstanding camp programming for children aged 4 to 15. HSC’s beautiful 50-acre campus serves as an ideal setting for March Break and summer camps. Our innovative and safe camp programs are designed to offer young people exciting enrichment opportunities while cultivating lasting memories and positive experiences for each camper enrolled in our programs. Our camps concentrate on participation, teamwork, cooperation and fun!  
    For more details on HSC’s camp programming as well as registration information, please visit www.hsc.on.ca/community/camps.
  • Food Services

    At HSC we believe positive food culture is linked to academic performance and a student’s overall wellbeing. As a College, we promote high standards of student nutrition with a daily menu that is nutritionally balanced in accordance with Canada’s Food Guide. The weekly menu is planned and posted online, providing a variety of main meals on a rotational schedule. The College is committed to student nutrition with a focus in three areas: a whole food approach, shortened ingredient lists, and improved supplier relationships. The food services program offers plenty of choice and variety, ensuring that every student will have a wide number of freshly made, healthy and delicious options to select from daily.
    HSC’s culinary team enhances the preparation of meals from scratch using local Ontario ingredients. Fresh, high-quality ingredients are integral to great food preparation, so we source from local Canadian producers, greenhouse growers and dedicated farmers who meet our high standards. Those fresh ingredients, combined with menus customized daily, will ensure the best possible taste experience for our community. 

    HSC’s food services program includes an expanded allergen management program to ensure students with allergies and sensitivities receive safe food options. This is made possible through good relationships with suppliers, who now offer more items to meet the needs and demands of a variety of allergenic and dietary needs. Students with specific dietary needs and allergies know that there is a section in the kitchen where they can come and get safe food. Our faculty members, especially those in early education, work in close partnership with HSC Health Services and the kitchen team. HSC Food Services staff members also take the time to get to know each student and their particular needs or allergies.
  • Health Services

    HSC is invested in the wellbeing of students, supporting their development in a holistic way by meeting the physical, social and emotional needs of all students. Working in collaboration with teachers, HSC’s Health Services Team coordinates proactive initiatives that grow health awareness and promote optimal student wellbeing. We believe physical and emotional resilience feeds into a positive, lifelong understanding of health and wellbeing. At HSC, we prepare students for life by exercising their social, emotional and physical resilience so they have the skills to thrive well into the future. Click here for more on HSC’s Health Service offerings.
  • IT Services

    The IT Services Team is responsible for providing support for all technology related services within the College. Our onsite team offers training sessions as well as how-to videos for any IT related needs.
  • Learning Services

    Hillfield Strathallan College takes great pride in its Learning Services programs and recognizes that these programs play a central role in ensuring that all of the students at HSC have a rich source of support to draw on when they encounter challenges with their learning.

    Each of the four school divisions across the College has a Learning Services Specialist who coordinates the Learning Services programs within their respective school. While there may be minor differences between the four programs due to age and stage reasons, the following core tenets related to Learning Services remain consistent across the College:
    • There will be cohesion in approach, policy and services across the College, so that faculty, parents/guardians and students will know what to expect from Learning Services within their own school and between grade/school transitions.
    • Learning Services should aspire to build equity rather than equality (i.e., within policy limits, HSC aims to provide each student with what they need, rather than aiming to treat all students equally or the same).
    • Learning Services will be inclusive in nature and will include ongoing individual support systems as well as dedicated user-fee programs.
      Support provided to students by teachers, Learning Services faculty, and administration will occur through a highly collaborative, team-based approach.
    • All support services at HSC function much more effectively when there is a strong home-school partnership founded in clear, honest, two-way communication.
    • Over the course of a student’s HSC educational journey, academic support will evolve in an age- and stage-appropriate fashion.
    • Learning Services will be delivered in a positive, proactive, individualized, empathetic and transparent fashion.
    • In an age- and stage-supported fashion, Learning Services strives to develop self-advocacy skills within all students, helping them to acquire the most effective strategies to manage their own unique learning needs and better understand their own learning style/preference.
  • Student Success Centre

    Planning for success is a multi-year process at our College. It allows students to gain insight into who they are and empowers them to make positive choices to succeed at HSC and beyond. Our four-year Student Success Program addresses the academic, career, and personal goals of each student with a designated facility that supports all grade Senior School students with a wide variety of academic needs. Current initiatives include a career speakers’ series, conferences, workshops, volunteer programs, leader-ship, mentoring and an ongoing university and college information program encompassing fairs, dialogue, visits, and presentations. The Centre itself is a space that students visit for counselling and help with application procedures for Canadian, U.S. and other global post-secondary institutions as well as SAT, PSAT, TOEFL and IELTS test counseling. The space is heavily used by students to access career counselling/interest programs and interest inventories which are available in both manual and computer versions.
  • The Living Room

    The Living Room is HSC’s interactive children’s museum dedicated to fostering critical  thinking skills through inquiry, research and hands-on learning. Early Education students come to the Living Room individually or in small groups and, with support from the Living  Room curator, design their own learning experience, tailored to their area of interest  and their strengths and challenges. Opportunities are limitless. Students may exchange and study artifacts, design educational presentations,  create research projects, provide care for animals in the Room, volunteer with other students, or explore ways of realizing any other construct that they can  imagine. Communication between the Living Room and classroom teachers ensures  all participants can seek what they need and want from their experiences in the  Living Room. Students are fully engaged in multiple joyful experiences that are  completely student-centred.
  • Transportation

    Rain or shine, sleet or snow—every year HSC bus drivers travel thousands of kilometres to safely deliver HSC students to school. They are the first face many students see at the beginning of the school day, and the last when they depart for home.  All of our drivers are certified through the Ministry of Transportation and receive hours of training in how to manage student behaviour, safe loading and unloading of the buses, defensive driving and emergency medical and evacuation procedures.
    More than 700 students bus to and from the College every day. Thirty drivers cover 27 individual routes, and the fleet includes two full-time charter buses for school trips, two part-time spare drivers and two noon-hour runs. As College employees, drivers are part of the HSC community, and the College’s culture of excellence is evident in the care they show their young passengers. Drivers transport students of all ages, and those who stay on the same route over the years will see many children grow up and eventually graduate. 
    Riding the bus is an opportunity for students to build resilience and independence. Drivers are trained to help new and younger riders adjust, but after a few days of taking the bus, most students fall into a comfortable routine.  HSC transportation is included in student tuition.
As well as the aforementioned services, HSC offers programming at an additional cost in the following areas:

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  • Dyslexia Resource Centre

    Dyslexia Resource Centre is available on request and upon the recommendation of a qualified assessor. These services are primarily offered in the Montessori and Junior schools.
  • Early and Late Duty Care

    HSC students in both the Junior and Montessori school can register for on-site, before and after school care, provided by our on staff ECEs and teachers. Children in the program play outside when the weather is good and participate in a variety of indoor activities during inclement weather.  Students can take the 5:00 p.m. late bus home or be picked up by their parents or guardians. For more information about early and late duty care, please contact the Early Education School at (905) 389-1367 ext. 168.
  • Occupational Therapy

    Occupational Therapy is available on request and upon the recommendation of a qualified assessor. These services are primarily offered in the Montessori and Junior schools.
  • Private Music Lessons

    In addition to our robust music program, HSC works with accredited and certified third-party music instructors to offer private lessons for students with a special interest in honing their talents. For more information, please contact HSC’s Director of Arts, Allan Guamond at allan.gaumond@hsc.on.ca.
  • Speech and Language Therapy

    Speech and Language Therapy is available on request and upon the recommendation of a qualified assessor. These services are primarily offered in the Montessori and Junior schools.
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