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“There is something powerful about exceeding your limits, pushing through a physical barrier and achieving something you once believed was out of your reach.”

- Paul Masotti, HSC Director of Athletics
HSC’s Athletics Program
HSC's athletic program meets the needs of both competitive and recreational athletes, while developing sport specific and leadership skills in students from 18 months to 18 years old.
We believe that athletics play an important role in the development of lifelong, positive attitudes towards health fitness, sportsmanship and cooperation.

By integrating sport and movement into HSC’s curriculum, students are motivated to do their best, reach for new challenges outside of their comfort zone and learn that failure is part of life. We understand that the individual needs and interests of each student is critical to helping them reach their full potential.

HSC is well equipped to provide students the space, equipment and coaching to reach their goals, whether that’s a personal best in a 10k race or learning how to double dutch.

Through sport and play, students develop leadership, perseverance and a positive understanding of the connection between a healthy body and a strong mind.
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