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Grades 5 to 8

“HSC's Middle School is the beating heart of the College. Our specialist teachers guide our students on an exciting personal learning pathway, giving them ever-increasing autonomy over their learning while supporting their efforts. Student-involved conferences, authentic learning opportunities, enrichment opportunities coupled with a robust co-curricular program, athletics and leadership opportunities make for an engaging four-year journey en route to our Senior School.”

Adrian Hoad-Reddick
When your child enters Middle School at HSC, they step into an enriched learning environment where inquiry is always encouraged and possibilities are limitless.

Students at Middle School continue their individualized learning, with our typical focus on developing the whole child who is nurtured by a team of dedicated teachers, staff and enthusiastic peers. Middle School is an equally exciting transition for students from our Junior or Montessori Schools, or for new students.

Daily learning time includes literacy, numeracy and flexible student groupings, which change in size and composition according to the needs and goals of the students. Those who grasp concepts quickly will discover enrichment opportunities, while students who need additional time and support will get it.
Your child will be taught by a strong team of teachers who set high standards for behaviour, citizenship and academic excellence. Most Middle School faculty have specialized education in the subjects they teach. At this stage, students will progress academically while being introduced to service and leadership opportunities, which will help them develop into active, engaged citizens.
Middle School
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17 students
Average class size for Grades 5 & 6
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50+ acres
Amount of outdoor campus to explore
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6 spaces
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Curriculum Overview
Starting in Grade 5, your child can partake in a full curriculum experience that includes academics, outdoor education, arts, technology, French, music, ecology, leadership, service and values education, physical literacy, enrichment opportunities, community involvement, and  a huge selection of co-curricular activities that students can choose from.
Middle School is when physical literacy becomes connected through the Physical Education curriculum, active recess, house intramurals and athletics programs. These connected opportunities improve your child’s physical, social and emotional development in active environments. From unstructured outdoor play at recess to friendly competition among teams at house intramurals, students learn to apply both physical and mental strategies in athletics. This boosts your child’s competence, confidence and motivation to participate in physical activity throughout life.
An abundance of enrichment options are available for your child at Middle School. These range from English, Languages, Music and Visual Art to Physical Education, Social Studies, Mathematics and Science and Technology. Whether your child loves to write, spell, sing, code, compete or study robotics, there are exciting opportunities for every student at HSC from Grade 5 on.
In addition to the many enrichment activities, HSC offers dozens of co-curricular options. WIthin Arts, your child can join a cooking, newspaper, ukulele or craft club, sing or play in a musical, band or choir, or work behind the scenes with the stage crew. If your child is more community minded, there are clubs to discuss world issues, vex robotics or trivia, among others. Athletic options include volleyball, soccer, basketball, girls’ field hockey, rugby, hockey, and track and field—to name just a few. The recreational list goes on—reading, wall climbing, math club, tennis, badminton, yoga, chess, table tennis, and much more.
There are four reporting cycles in Middle School. In November and April, you’ll see progress airports on your child, with full reports in February and June. Student-involved conferences take place in November, February and April. The final report includes a reflection of your child’s achievements and growth during the year, as well as summary comments written by your child.
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