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Your Child's Journey Starts Here
Hillfield Strathallan College (HSC) is dedicated to helping students learn with joy and live their lives with purpose.
Don't wait and take the first step in giving your child the opportunity to reach their full potential and apply to Hillfield Strathallan College today. We encourage you to schedule a tour of our campus.

HSC welcomes children who want to be happy to come to school, to follow their passions and participate in learning experiences that will challenge and delight them. We are a welcoming and diverse community that thrives on instilling joy and purpose through self-directed learning and strong relationships with caring faculty and peers.

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When are  the next admission dates? What are rolling applications and potential space limitations? How and when can you enrol your child in Montessori, Junior, Middle or Senior School at HSC?  Learn more.

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HSC's students are children who are eager for life. They’re ready to make new friends, ready to discover and to solve problems. Ready to explore new ways of seeing and being in the world. Our students have a strong sense of self and know who they are and where they're headed. They are children who come of age with a clear sense of purpose so that by the time they graduate, they are the best version of themselves and have the confidence gained from a lifetime of learning at one College within a safe and welcoming community.

Empowered by HSC's rigorous academics, sound social and emotional development and student-centred, Project-Based Learning (PBL), our students have confidence to succeed and the tools to face failure head on. They are community builders who embrace and champion diversity because they value integrity and respect individuality. HSC students are change-makers who will take on the world and make a difference. 

Discover the beauty of our 50 + acre campus by booking a virtual 1:1 meeting with an admissions officer! 

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Who are international students? Learn about students of parents who are in Canada on a work visa, study-permit students, family homestay opportunities, guardianship and the application process.

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How much does it cost for your child to attend HSC? Is financial aid available? Learn about our domestic and international fees, flexible fee payment schedules, financial aid and more. 

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Is merit- and need-based financial support available for all age groups? Learn more about our scholarships, bursaries and honoraria from children as young as JK to grade 12.

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