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Manbert/Serniuk Family Scholarship

Manbert/Serniuk Family Scholarship
Established in 2019, the Manbert/Serniuk Family Scholarship celebrates one student annually entering Grades 5 to 8.

The successful applicant will be an enthusiastic student new to HSC, with a solid academic background, outstanding leadership ability as indicated by his or her community service or extracurricular activities and outstanding athletic ability. This scholarship is available to a student who embodies the College’s mission, vision and values, most notably through outstanding academic, athletic and leadership potential and ability. Candidates who apply for the Manbert/Serniuk Family Scholarship must complete a maximum 500-word essay for the selection committee demonstrating their academic, athletic and leadership excellence. Applicants are encouraged to share how they plan to use their time at HSC to better themselves in these areas. Thank you to the Manbert/Serniuk Family for their generosity in helping welcome new and exceptional HSC students. 

For more on this opportunity, read our scholarship information overview here or contact: scholarships@hsc.on.ca.
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