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HSC’s Annual Fund

HSC’s Annual Fund 
HSC establishes a fundraising goal every year as part of the College’s Annual Fund campaign – the heart beat of our advancement efforts.

Every dollar donated to the Annual Fund strengthens our school community and provides our students with the tools and opportunities to build their future, today. With your gift to the Annual Fund, you join our students on their transformative journey.

Unlike our Endowment, which sees its investments grow to support the long-term stability of our College, HSC’s Annual Fund supports the more immediate and near-term projects in place across our campus including Areas of Greatest Need,  the David Tutty Joy and Innovation Fund and HSC’s Artsplex.
Areas of Greatest Need
HSC continues to re-imagine campus spaces and invest in an unparalleled learning experience for our students.  We pride ourselves in supporting all aspects of the educational journey and that includes ongoing and iterative projects to enhance learning initiatives and improve the operations of our school each and every day. By allocating Annual Funds towards Areas of Greatest Need, we are able to make immediate and much needed improvements to HSC’s learning environment every year.  
Although 2019-2020 had an unusual end to the school year, we have so much to be proud of when it comes to the projects we completed which include:

  1. Big Toy Replacement
  2. Enhancements to the Junior School Playground
  3. Enhancements to the Montessori School Playground
  4. Installation of Basketball Equipment for the Blacktop
  5. Ultra High Definition USB Cameras (supporting remote learning)
  6. New HVAC unit in the DeGroote Gym
  7. Café tables and furnishings for the Kemper Lounge

What makes the Areas of Greatest Need projects even more fulfilling is being able to witness the joy that each one brings to student life. From the Big Toy replacement to the café tables in the Kemper Lounge, students reap the benefits of a vibrant, well-equipped campus that's designed to deliver an unmatched educational experience.
The David Tutty Joy and Innovation Fund
With your support of HSC’s Annual Fund, you give our students, faculty and staff the opportunity to dream big and open a door of possibilities through the David Tutty Joy and Innovation Fund. 

Since its inception in 2015, the David Tutty Joy and Innovation Fund has been an incredible foundation for creative thinking and invention – values that David Tutty exemplified and are shared by Hillfield Strathallan College. Students, faculty and staff are invited to share their boldest, most creative ideas – projects that will enrich our learning environment and contribute to our principles of learning with joy and living with purpose. When an application is selected and approved, the David Tutty Joy and Innovation Fund will make their idea a reality!
Inspired to think beyond boundaries and to be fearless with their dreams, students learn to prepare a formal proposal, with a budget and clearly articulated goals for their innovation.  This Fund and programming would not be possible without the support of the Tutty family and the generous donors who continue to invest in our community year after year.
The HSC Artsplex
We invite our community members who have a passion for the arts to consider a donation to our Annual Fund that will improve the experience for everyone in our Virtual Fitzgerald Centre for the Arts—specifically the HSC Artsplex.

We are currently fundraising to add state-of-the-art sound equipment, new seating, refurbished walls, acoustic investment and a digital backdrop. We are committed to upgrading this space so that our artists, public speakers, class performances, faculty and staff professional development, and community celebrations will continue to have a top-tier space for gathering. Donors who support this initiative will have a positive impact on the HSC community in so many ways.

An updated sound system will transform all of our musical performances, theatre productions and assemblies. Our students will have access to superior sound as performers and as participants attending any presentation. This investment will also provide any student interested in learning the technical side of performing—which can lead to a variety of paths, including those in theatre, film, television, and sound recording—to learn with up-to-date standard industry equipment that prepares them for their post-secondary experiences.
Additionally, gifts to our Annual Fund will provide our visiting Alumni and HSC community members with an outstanding Artsplex experience every time they attend student-led performances and on-campus HSC community celebrations—enjoyable experiences that will continuously build on their engagement and commitment to HSC.

We will continue to share with you the amazing projects that your support made possible. To learn more about HSC’s Annual Fund or any of our fundraising opportunities, please contact the Advancement Office at (905) 389-1367 or advancement@hsc.on.ca.
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