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At HSC, we deliver a unique educational pathway for students through four school offerings: Montessori, Junior, Middle and Senior. Together, these four schools make up our College community and provide a seamless academic journey from 18 months to 18 years. We provide a supportive, consistent environment where each students’ passions and interests are known and encouraged by faculty who are devoted to nourishing the strengths of each student. Whether you’re looking to enrol your toddler in our full-day Montessori program or you want to find an AP curriculum for your teenager,  HSC provides an unparalleled educational experience for all ages and stages of learning.
Montessori School
18 mo. to 9 yrs.

Your child will develop independence, self-esteem and a sense of responsibility through the student-centred and hands-on experiential learning approach of the Montessori Method.

Junior School
18 mo. to 9 yrs.

In the Junior School, your child will receive a balanced, hands-on education in open-concept classrooms where they’ll interact as they learn through academics, inquiry, exploration and play.

middle School
Grades 5 to 8

Middle School is an enriched learning environment where inquiry is encouraged and possibilities are limitless. Here, your child is nurtured by dedicated teachers and staff and enthusiastic peers.

senior school
Grades 9 to 12

Prepared by the years of discovery leading up to high school, your child will step into an environment rich in academics, arts, athletics, recreation and opportunities for leadership and community service.

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