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“Montessori school is often chosen by parents looking for a student-centric program that builds both a love of learning and an understanding of the world in each child. The multi-year curriculum in each class allows every child to work across all disciplines at a level personalized to their skill development. Each student self-selects tasks and derive great satisfaction from the independent work cycle and the interaction with materials that feature a corrective element that affords the child the opportunity to reflect, problem solves and self-assess work. Parents tell us the most important part of Montessori at HSC is that their child can be happy, engaged and challenged in a manner that helps them grow to be lifelong learners!”

Danielle Hourigan
Montessori Principal

Help your child reach their full potential through the student-centred and hands-on experiential learning of HSC’s Montessori School. 

Through a personalized curriculum and self-directed learning, your child will develop independence, self-esteem and a sense of responsibility, while following their individual interests and passions.

We have been providing exceptional early private education programming through our Montessori School for decades. Our curriculum is designed to foster a love of learning and provide a strong foundation for our youngest students as they embark on their educational journey.

Our certified Montessori teachers and Early Childhood Educators are trained to embody trust and respect each child’s uniqueness, while fostering each student’s academic, social and emotional skills.
Montessori at a Glance
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54 years
Age of our Montessori school
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18 months
Age children start learning here
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50+ acres
Amount of outdoor campus to explore
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6 spaces
Distinctive types of learning areas
About the Montessori Method
Montessori fundamentals emphasize respect for self, others and community. HSC students take pride in our community and diversity, their connection to the rest of the world becoming broader as they move through the Toddler program to the Casa classrooms, then through elementary levels for six to nine year olds.

In multi-age classes, older students set an example as role models and mentors as they help younger ones learn and develop self esteem. Montessori students learn how to be productive and cooperative members of a community, how to care for the environment and how to support the needs of others.
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Curriculum Overview
The Montessori curriculum is designed to develop the whole child by attending to their academic, social and emotional needs as they work on tasks geared to their development level and interests. HSC students make purposeful work choices and engage in meaningful tasks. The Montessori personalized curriculum promotes a love of learning, introduces botany, zoology, history and geography, and offers numeracy study of quantity and symbols, a phonetic approach to reading and writing, and math operations.
When students are connected to their work through choice, interest and developmental level, they experience a higher level of engagement, improved concentration and better work habits. They build inner discipline that they can apply to their studies from an early age. Personal choice builds a child’s motivation to master skills and enhances their drive to succeed.
Montessori materials are concrete and sensory, adapted for each developmental stage of learning. These fundamental tools allow for self-correction by the student. Through multi-sensory activities, students can empower themselves, choosing their own tasks and taking risks. Materials are concrete examples of abstract concepts designed for young children to master. As students become older, the materials become less concrete so they can explore in the abstract.
Young children learn best by exploring concrete, hands-on materials. The sequence and order embedded in math and manipulating sensorial materials prepare students for technological skills and build the logic needed for understanding and using computers. Students make meaningful decisions and seek independent answers to help build the critical thinking required for IT, which is introduced at age six. Students build fundamental visual and spatial skills through pre-technology learning to support technological and analytical skills.
HSC offers three Montessori stages: Toddler, Casa and Elementary.
(ages 18 months to 2 years)
Children learn independence, language development, fine and gross motor skills, and ways to connect to the world.

(ages 3 to 5 years)
Children learn to order and understanding through materials—discovering length, size, colours, shapes, classification and numeracy—and through language, learning phonics and writing skills.

(ages 6 to 9 years)
Children understand the world to make new connections, where the big picture is taught first through stories, social sciences, math and numeracy. Individual work choices are matched to each student’s skill level and passion, and questions, problem-solving and taking risks are encouraged.


Below are some videos to further describe what it means to be a part of the HSC Montessori School
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