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Student Wellbeing at HSC
At HSC, we believe in educating the whole child, and a major component of that task requires the College to pay close attention to the wellness dimension of a student’s life and school experiences.
Wellbeing is a term that speaks to an individual’s positive sense of self, spirit and belonging that is achieved when their cognitive, emotional, social and physical needs are being met. A student’s level of wellbeing depends on many factors, from the nature of their social and family interactions to their emotional, spiritual, physical and mental health.

At HSC, we know that positive childhood experiences, physical and emotional safety, and the support of caring adults not only help to shape the day-to-day morale of students, but these factors also help students to develop a positive sense of self and resiliency.

As such, HSC actively incorporates a wide variety of opportunities into its school life programs that are geared towards developing and promoting student wellbeing.
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Counselling Services

There are benefits to seeking assistance for emotional and social issues, and HSC Counselling Services is one of many College resources HSC students can access for support. We offer individual counselling and information on coping skills, and students can learn about different ways to manage stress and overcome obstacles. HSC also connects students with peer support options and our onsite College Counsellor works directly with faculty, the nurses and staff to provide holistic support to our student body. 
Wellness Week

Every year the College hosts a Wellness Week to engage students, parents, staff and the HSC community in an active exploration of health and wellbeing related topics. Some highlights of the week include guest speakers, educational sessions, health-based activities, workshops and a Wellness Fair. Wellness Week also provides staff and faculty with additional tools to help students respond resiliently to stress and adversity
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