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Alumni Awards 
Our alumni (affectionately called Old Girls or Old Boys) represent a staggering breadth and depth of accomplishments.

As a community, they never really leave HSC and that’s where today’s students benefit most. HSC graduates come back as speakers, mentors, volunteers, advisors and role models. They support the College through fundraising, enhancing our profile in their communities, and participating in many events.

We are so thankful for our alumni and are happy we can demonstrate our appreciation in various ways, such as honouring them through some of the following awards. 

HSC is proud of its alumni and we want to celebrate the diverse ways they're making the world a better place. Do you have a story to tell or know someone who is making waves in their career or personal life? Send in your notable alumni stories to alumni@hsc.on.ca.

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  • Past Alumni Award of Distinction Winners and Hall of Excellence Inductees

    HSC’s Alumni Association annually recognizes distinguished alumni of the College by presenting them with awards that acknowledge their outstanding contributions and accomplishments in a variety of areas. 

    Past Alumni Award of Distinction winners and past Hall of Excellence inductees can be found here.
  • Alumni Award of Distinction

    The HSC Alumni Award of Distinction Program celebrates the achievements of Alumni in our community who have lived the aspirations of the Hillfield Strathallan College Vision and developed into global citizens who have, in effect, bettered the world around them.

    Click here for the Award of Distinction nomination form.
  • Hall of Excellence

    The Hall of Excellence celebrates alumni who embody and promote the ideals of Hillfield Strathallan College.  By honouring this distinguished group of alumni, the College continues its tradition of inspiring others through the legacy of alumni who have come before them.

    Click here for the Hall of Excellence Nomination Form. 
  • Athletics Hall of Fame

    Throughout Hillfield Strathallan College’s history, several outstanding athletes and contributors to sport have passed through the doors and campuses of the College. To honour these amazing alumni, coaches and community members, HSC is excited to offer the HSC Athletics Hall of Fame. The dinner and award ceremony takes place at Homecoming.

    Through a nomination and selection committee process, athletes, teams, coaches and builders will annually be selected to be inducted into this prestigious collection of HSC history. Please note that each category may not be filled each year.

    Click here for the Athletic Hall of Fame Nomination Form. 
  • Alumni Award of Distinction Graduate Scholarship

    In 2005, the College, in collaboration with the HSC Alumni Association, set out to create a prestigious award to celebrate the success of HSC Alumni while inspiring today's student body. The result is the Alumni Award of Distinction, which honours Alumni who exemplify the Hillfield Strathallan College vision to realize their full potential, become global citizens and better the world around them.

    A scholarship of $1,000 is awarded to a graduating student in the name of the current recipient of the Alumni Award of Distinction. Thus the Alumni Award of Distinction helps to launch one of HSC’s newest Alumni into a distinct future of their own.
  • Alumni Association Leadership Awards

    The Alumni Association Leadership Award celebrates four students annually (two internal candidates and two external candidates) entering Grade 9. These awards highlight and recognize the leadership achievements and potential of each recipient. Each scholarship is valued at $5,000 and is offered as a one-time entrance award.
  • Alumni Association Legacy Honorarium

    This honorarium is for external or internal students successfully entering Grade 9 and is a one-time award of $500.  It will be given to any child or grandchild of an alumnus to celebrate the family’s legacy at the College. An alumnus is defined as any student who fulfilled a minimum of one year at HSC (or its predecessors). Internal recipients will be recognized during Grade 8 graduation.
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