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HSC Endowment

 HSC Endowment
HSC believes the very best schools attain excellence by attracting outstanding and mission-appropriate students regardless of their economic background.

The role of HSC’s Endowment is becoming an increasingly important part of the fabric of our school as we continue to grow and evolve. We have seen the importance even more during the global pandemic and its impact on our current student population.

HSC’s Endowment supports an extensive scholarship and bursary program, and gives us the opportunity to embrace great scholars, musicians and athletes regardless of their financial means. Through donations, we seek to make an HSC education available to outstanding students from diverse social, economic and cultural backgrounds. Providing financial support to these students not only benefits them, but it benefits their families and our entire community. New students who come to HSC through our bursaries enrich our learning environment and school life with their talents, experiences and viewpoints.

In addition to bringing exceptional new students to our school, our Endowment’s robust bursary and scholarship program enables HSC to support current families who may be undergoing sudden financial strain. It allows us to maintain the education of any current student whose family may suddenly be going through financial hardship. 

Compared to other leading independent schools, HSC is still in a very young stage of developing its endowment and bursary program. That can change with help from you. Imagine how you can make a difference by supporting HSC.

It is our hope that generous donors will seize the opportunity to increase the reach of our existing bursary programs by supporting the HSC Endowment Fund or establishing their own named bursaries.

Should you consider making such a lasting and impactful legacy, your gift will enable an outstanding child from a diverse background, who would not have otherwise been able to attend HSC.
Bursary By Numbers (2020-2021)

56 students received some form of bursary assistance with a total of $611,208. This is a $139,477 increase from the 2019–2020 school year. As of September 2020, 4.73% of our student population received a form of bursary assistance.
Leave A Legacy
A legacy gift – also known as a planned gift - is one of the most meaningful types of gifts that you can provide to HSC. With a legacy gift, you can make a tremendous impact on the future of the College and its programs, while enjoying significant tax savings.

Why make a gift of this kind? When creating a legacy gift you are able to leave something truly meaningful for future generations of HSC students and the HSC community. Your gift will improve educational opportunities for generations of HSC students to come in a personal and meaningful way.

Creating a legacy gift through your estate plan provides a wonderful way of utilizing your assets to realize your philanthropic goals. It can also eliminate significant taxes owed from your estate.
We encourage everyone who is considering making a gift through their estate to speak with their financial advisor to ensure you are maximizing the benefits to you. HSC’s Advancement Office would also be pleased to work with you and your advisors confidentially, and with no obligation. We can help to establish and confirm the purpose for which your legacy gift is to be used, explain tax benefits for your estate, and appropriately recognize your gift (if you wish) in your name or that of someone you love.

Should you wish to learn more about ways you can contribute, please reach out to HSC’s Director of Advancement and Communications, Benoit Chapdelaine, at (905) 389-1367, ext. 107 or benoit.chapdelaine@hsc.on.ca
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