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“Students foster their passion for learning through adaptive curriculum, inquiry and project-based learning in our Junior School. A balance of teacher-directed and student-driven curriculum enables students to take healthy risks, challenge themselves, build confidence and gain a solid foundation of knowledge. Through programming, school activities and the support of the whole College, including strong parent partnership and volunteerism, students gain a concrete sense of community both inside and outside of our walls. Our mission is to foster a passion for learning in each child.”

Shailau Spivak
Junior School Principal 
Junior School
Give your child a balanced and hands-on learning experience in a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment as they learn through academics, inquiry, exploration and play.

At our Junior School, your child steps into a world of open-concept classrooms and interactive learning with a small country school feel but with the resources and community of a large, K-to-12 College.

HSC Junior School embodies balance for your child in everyday life, with co-created routines and activities that are directed by both teachers and students, and a curriculum that’s guided by each student’s passions. We also strongly encourage parent involvement in the classroom and community.

Our highly educated team of teachers is extremely motivated, bringing professional resources and incorporating strategies developed by top educational leaders to your child’s learning experience.
Junior School at a Glance
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18 months
Age children start learning here
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6 spaces
Distinctive types of learning areas
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50+ acres
Amount of outdoor campus to explore
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Curriculum Overview
Students from our Junior School graduate with a thirst for knowledge because the goal of our curriculum is to ignite curiosity and provide students with daily discoveries, learning opportunities and personalized programming that is adaptive, interactive and engaging. Students can challenge themselves and take healthy risks as they learn in a safe environment and build their confidence.
Your child will have an experience that’s rich in resources with the feel of a small community. Their learning environment connects them to multiple outdoor spaces, a gym, a school nurse, Student Support Services, and specialized education leaders and teachers, all within a welcoming community of students, faculty and parents.
Junior School features four key programs. The Wonder Wall is an interactive collection of students’ questions and explored answers about a wide range of topics that follows each student’s interests and passions. The Buddy Program teams up older and younger Junior School students for cross-grade STEAM activities. STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) is an education approach that guides student inquiry, dialogue and critical thinking. REACH (Respect, Effort, Attitude, Control of Self, Honesty) is our school’s basis for character education.
Technology integration in the classroom includes SMART Boards, an FM mic system, FreshGrade (online portfolio, accessible by parents) and HSC’s own program, Launch Pad—an initiative that lets students explore creativity and use tools for engineering. MakerSpace is a learning resource venue that gives students practical experience in using their imagination.
At this age, report card levels are given out only in term two. Term one focuses on making connections and getting to know each student’s needs and interests. Educators evaluate according to what will help each student progress and be most successful, considering aspects such as passion, resilience, self-control, creativity and innovation. Term two report cards are based on skills taught, values and indicators of long-term success, with the goal of helping students reach their full potential. For PK2 and PK3 students, assessments are anecdotal and serve as a portfolio of their early years.


Below are some videos to further describe what it means to be a part of the HSC Junior School
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