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Morgan Family Scholarship

Morgan Family Scholarship
The Morgan Family Scholarship covers the cost of annual tuition, starting from the day the student enters Grade 9 through graduation, and assists with purchasing books, uniforms and additional school expenses.

Nigel Morgan is the generous donor behind the Morgan Family Scholarship and established the program as a way to open HSC’s doors to exceptional students who would otherwise not be able to attend. Nigel says he founded the scholarship because he is concerned that growing wealth inequality puts a good education beyond the reach of many strong, motivated and aspiring students who are not allowed to fulfill their potential. For Nigel, to create change, you have to change people. 

This scholarship is renewable each year the student is enrolled at HSC, following an annual February review by the Scholarship Committee.

Candidates will complete both an Apple Financial Bursary Application and an Enrolment Application to be eligible.  See below for more detailed information.
For more on this opportunity, read our scholarship information overview here or contact scholarships@hsc.on.ca.
Applications from qualifying students will be reviewed based on the following characteristics and achievements:

Financial need; families must apply and qualify for financial assistance through the Financial Aid for Canadian Students (FACS) form, which is completed through Apple Financial Services
High academic achievement, interest in learning, and the ability to articulate future academic goals
Broad interests outside the classroom, including ongoing commitment to one or more of the arts, athletics and service learning, as well as participation in school or community leadership
Demonstration of the qualities of leadership, adaptability, perseverance, diligence and integrity

To discuss this unique scholarship opportunity please  contact the admissions team at scholarships@hsc.on.ca for more information.
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