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Alumni Leadership Award

The Alumni Leadership Award invites incoming Grade 9 students to showcase their leadership skills for the chance at a scholarship towards tuition fees. 
Alumni Leadership Award
The Alumni Leadership Award invites incoming, enrolled Grade 9 students to showcase their ambition and leadership skills for the chance at a one-time sum of up to $5,000  towards tuition.
Since its inception, the Alumni Leadership Award has brought exceptional students to the forefront of our community, giving them a platform to inspire peers and spark joy for civic engagement. Past recipients have made smooth transitions into leadership roles as HSC Prefects.

To apply, eligible candidates must complete an HSC Leadership Student Profile and submit an essay response. Shortlisted students will then complete an interview with a  committee of stakeholder representatives of the College. 

For more on this opportunity, read our scholarship information overview here or contact scholarships@hsc.on.ca.
Yre House

It’s not always easy to know what makes you happy, but for Naiya Amin ’24, sharing her love of dance with others brings her joy twofold. “Volunteering with The Dance Ability Movement and helping kids with special needs move their bodies in fun and safe ways is really rewarding,” she says. Her passion for dance translates to the ice rink where she’s a talented synchronized skater with a number of awards to her name. When she’s not on skates or the dance floor, Naiya is an honours student with a talent for public speaking. Her self-professed “passion for learning in all areas” keeps her busy at HSC, where has served as a leader in the concert band and as a math olympian. In the coming years, Naiya will no doubt make many meaningful contributions to the HSC student body, both in and out of the classroom.
Birch House

It takes more than physical talent to be a winning athlete and Matthew Bear ’24 is proof that teamwork can go a long way in bringing home a trophy. A gifted hockey and soccer player, Matthew has learned early on the importance of sportsmanship. “Through hockey and soccer, I have been able to gain many valuable experiences that have made me a better person and leader,” he reflects. For their campaign to raise money and donations for the Salvation Army, Matthew’s hockey team was one of three in Canada to be named to Scotiabank’s Heroes of Hockey program. In his role as Birch House captain last year, Matthew worked with the leadership team to organize school events and run monthly house meetings. His list of leadership roles also includes serving as an ambassador representing HSC to potential students and their families. When he’s not championing the spirit of HSC, Matthew can be found behind home plate as an umpire for little league baseball teams in his community. “I love to pass along my knowledge to kids who are just learning the game.”
Maple House

Inquisitive, creative and thoughtful. Those are just a few of the qualities that make Nirvaan Grewal ’24 a deserving recipient of a leadership award. A devoted cellist, Nirvaan has achieved his level 8 from the Royal Conservatory of Music and has played with the Hamilton Philharmonic Youth Orchestra since 2017. In addition to his musical pursuits, Nrivaan is a gifted scholar, having won numerous math and science competitions during his elementary school years. He’s also an active team player and has been a member of a number of school teams, including soccer, volleyball, flag football and track and field. Speaking like a true role model, Nirvaan aspires to take on more leadership roles at HSC, and says, “My goal in Senior School is to share my knowledge with others and to develop confident leadership in both academic and extra-curricular areas”.
More House

Every year since she was six, Lucie Osborne ’24 has ventured out into the woods each summer for a sleep away camp on Lake Temagami. “I enjoy the responsibility of meal planning, cooking, packing and unpacking gear,” says Lucie. Her appetite for adventure and her natural leadership qualities carry over into her academic and curricular pursuits. An honours student with a passion for theatre and sport, Lucie joined HSC as a Grade 9 student in the fall of 2020 and is eager to make the most of the College’s co-curricular activities. In sixth grade, Lucie was asked to represent her school during WE Day and has continued to participate in charitable initiatives including organizing donations for local food banks and helping teach kids at the martial arts studio where she trains. “It’s an excellent opportunity to share my knowledge with younger students while helping me improve my own techniques.”
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