Our Mission:

To foster a sense of community in all Alumni through creative programming and outreach in support of HSC.

Our Vision:

To be an active Alumni Association dedicated to bringing the experience and success of our Alumni into the College to help achieve its goals of excellence, while honouring its traditions.

2019-2020 Alumni Executive Board

Susan M. Owen ’85 - President

Charlie Sherman 03
- Past President

Erica Otaguro ’07 - Awards and Recognition Co-Chair
Daniel Coutts ’01 - Awards and Recognition Co-Chair
Tim Ferris ’96 - Mentorship Chair
Carolyn Aylward-Viveros - Alumni Outreach Chair
Daniela D'Ambrosi ’16  - Young Alumni Representative
Rob Alexander ’89 - Vice Principal, Golf Committee Co-Chair
Angus Gordon ’97 - Golf Committee Co-Chair
Erik Schaefer 91 - Board of Governors Liason
Judith King-Siganski ’62 - Committee Member
Patrick Chalkley 03 - Committee Member
Justine Fedak 89 - Committee Member
Toni Simpson - Parents of Alumni Chair
Herbert Wodehouse ’71 - Committee Member
David Simpson ’73 - Committee Member

John Simpson ’75
- Committee Member  
Trisha Harrison 67 - Committee Member

Lauren Jackson ’03 - Committee Member

Sunjay Sharma ’98 - Committee Member
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      Alumni Executive Group

      Alumni Executive Group

Get Involved!

If you attended HSC, Highfield, Hillcrest, Hillfield, or Strathallan for at least one year you are considered an Alumni. You are therefore automatically a member of the HSC Alumni Association. There are many ways you can get involved with the association, ranging from hosting a reunion, joining the Alumni Association Executive or volunteering at a specific event such as Homecoming Weekend.
We’re always looking for ways to get Alumni involved, so if you have suggestions or would like more information on volunteering, please connect with Bianca Barton '03 at alumni@hsc.on.ca, or by calling (905)389-1367, ext. 117.
Located in Hamilton, ON, Hillfield Strathallan College is a Canadian independent, co-educational day school.
The academic program runs from Montessori Toddler and Pre-K to Grade 12.

Hillfield Strathallan College | 299 Fennell Avenue West | Hamilton, ON L9C 1G3 | 905-389-1367