Hall of Excellence

The Hall of Excellence celebrates alumni who embody and promote the ideals of Hillfield Strathallan College.  By honouring this distinguished group of alumni, the College continues its tradition of inspiring others through the legacy of alumni who have come before them. 

If you would like to nominate an individual, please fill out the Nomination Form.
Deadline for Nominations: Friday, May 29, 2020

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  • Who can be nominated?

    Any former student of HSC who completed a minimum of one academic year with the school is defined as an HSC Alumnus, and therefore is eligible to be nominated for this honour. This award may be presented posthumously.
  • What is the profile of an inductee?

    • An individual who embodies and promotes the ideals of Hillfield Strathallan College. An individual who:
    • Has proven community leadership skills and participation
    • Embraces diversity and promotes compassion
    • Strives for excellence in everything that he or she does
    • Participates as a global citizen
    • Honours tradition while celebrating innovation
    • Each individual’s story of personal excellence should be a story that captivates and inspires current HSC students.
  • How do I nominate someone?

    Please fill out the Nomination Form or contact the Alumni Office by emailing alumni@hsc.on.ca
  • What is the nomination and selection process?

    A selection committee representing a cross-section of Alumni, Current Academics, Former Academics and Community Leaders will review all nominations and be responsible for the task of selecting annual honourees.
  • The Honour

    The Hall of Excellence winner will attend a celebration in their honour at the invitation of the Alumni Association and College. They will be asked to share wisdom and insight into their accomplishments as a Keynote Speaker and participate in the Prefect Installation ceremony, inspiring the next generation of leaders.
  • Past Alumni Award of Distinction and Hall of Excellence Ceremonies

    To view the past Alumni Award of Distinction winners and past Hall of Excellence inductees click here.

    To view the photos of last year's award ceremony, please go to 
    our Gallery
  • Past Hall of Excellence Inductees

    Mr. Ronald S. Bremner '67
    Mr. Elliott S. Cairns '06
    Mr. Colin B. Glassco '61
    The Honourable Coulter A. Osborne '50
    Mr. Steven H. Paikin '78
    Dr. Gail Robinson '60
    Mr. Erik A. Schaefer '91
    Mr. J. Ben Simpson '41
    Dr. Sheila Singh '90
    Mrs. Ashley M. Tickell '02
    Mr. Murray R. Weaver '66
    Mr. Christopher R. Willes '04
    Mr. Alexander Winch '81
    Mrs. Beatrice A. Banting '31
    General Henry D. G. Crerar '05
    Dr. Michael Evans '82
    Mrs. Carlotta Hacker '49
    Ms. Salimah A. Mussani '97
    Mr. Peter C. Newman '45
    The Honourable Mr. Justice Randall Scott Echlin '69
    Ms. Jane A. Gowing '81
    Mr. William J. Young '72
    Mr. Martin P. Beaver '86
    Ms. Anne-Marie Hourigan '77
    Mr. Jeffrey S. Paikin '80
    Ms. Justine Fedak '89
    Dr. Paul W. Fedak '91
    Dr. Fiona Turpie '83
    Mr. William P. Cooper '57
    Mr. Shawn G. Hewson '91
    Mr. John F. Evans '55
    Mrs. Shirley Thomas-Weir '83
    Mr. Christopher J. Thornborrow '02
    Mr. Patrick D. Bermingham '78
    Ms. Elise L. Montano '04
    Mrs. Jillian O. Morison '81
    Mr. Mike Branch '99
    Dr. Dilan Dissanayake '00
    Dr. Sarah Garside '83
    Dr. Christopher Chung '93
    Mr. John Hedden '69
    Dr. Sarah Wakefield '91
    Mr. Alex Chapple '86
    Ms. Gemma Boich (Zamprogna) '95
    Dr. Stacy Deniz '00
    Mr. Jonathan Waters '66
    Mr. David de Freitas '94
    Ms. Meagan Hill '07

Hall of Excellence Inductee

David de Freitas ’94 turned his passion for athletics into a career he loves

For David de Freitas, there was never any question that he would attend HSC. The son of a teacher at the College, David was a “lifer,” starting his education in the Montessori program and continuing on until his graduation in what was then Grade 13.
It’s no surprise, given his current role as the Director of Player Relations for Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment (MLSE), that David was, and is to this day, passionate about athletics.
Drawn to the world of sports from a young age, David took part in a number of teams while at HSC and had the opportunity to try a wide variety of sports.
However, at university, (he attended the University of Windsor and University of Michigan) he quickly realized that his dream to play sports was going to need to be rethought and that his connection to the world of athletics wasn’t going to happen the way he thought it would. When he tried out for and did not make the basketball team in university, he was struck by the realization that if he wanted to be around basketball, it wasn’t going to be playing and had to figure out another way to be involved.
“I think that moment, being cut from the team, is the key to what I do today,” says David. “When I was told that I wasn’t going to make the team I asked what else I could do to be involved. To the coach’s credit, he said I could manage the team and I jumped at the chance. I wouldn’t be where I am today if he hadn’t given me the opportunity to be involved.”
After graduating from university David obtained an internship at Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment in the ticket sales department. He used that as his gateway into the world of pro sports, and has since held four or five different titles within the organization, where he has been the Director of Player Relations for the past eight years.
If he could give one piece of advice to the students of today it would be to find something that you gravitate towards and that excites you, as that’s something you’re going to excel at naturally. Take the time to figure out what you like and find a way to make that a career. 

Hall of Excellence Inductee

Meagan Hill ’07 uses financial know-how to create opportunities for indigenous nations

Being HSC’s first student to be accepted to, and attend, Harvard College is only one of Meagan Hill’s outstanding accomplishments.
The 2007 alumna attended HSC for her high school years and was actively involved in academics, athletics and extra-curricular activities. But her fondest memories are of the relationships built at HSC
“HSC wasn’t just about going to class every day. While I loved the rigour of the academics, what impacted me the most was that my teachers really tried to create a connection with me, with every student,” she says. “When I reflect back on my time there, it’s the relationships that I cherish.”
Upon graduating from HSC, Meagan shifted her focus to excelling at Harvard College, where she was President of the Harvard Student Agencies, the largest student-run corporation, and was accepted early to Harvard Business School (HBS) through its 2+2 Program, a competitive deferred admissions process for current college students.
Meagan’s two years of professional work prior to attending the HBS MBA Program were at Morgan Stanley, an investment bank in New York.
“I was a student at Harvard College when the financial crisis hit, and that’s when I became interested in how different stakeholders could impact an economy both globally and domestically,” she says. “I started to think that a role in a prominent financial institution would provide the exposure I craved to learn more.”
At HBS, Meagan was the first then-current student to create a custom HBS Executive Education program. The program, designed for indigenous finance professionals and government leaders, has a mission to inspire participants, as well as equip them with the tools to lead high-performing, innovative communities, or organizations. Since graduating from HBS, the program has graduated approximately 200 First Nations, Metis, Inuit, American Indian and Alaska Native professionals and continues to operate every year in May on HBS campus.
Currently, Meagan works as a consultant for McKinsey & Company, a global management consulting firm. Despite her busy career, she continues to support Native governments and organizations on both sides of the Canada and United States border. 

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