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CAIS Rugby - April 27, 2019 Draw

9:00 a.m. Boys' 15s B15-Friendly1 5 Lose B15-Cons Lose B15-SF1
9:00 a.m. Girls' 7s G7-ChampSF1 1 Pool A 1st Win G7-ChampQF2
9:00 a.m. Girls' 7s G7-ChampSF2 2 Pool B 1st Win G7-ChampQF1
9:30 a.m. Boys' 7s B7-SF1 1 1st Win B7-QF1
9:30 a.m. Boys' 7s B7-SF2 2 2nd Win B7-QF2
10:00 a.m. Girls' 7s G7-ConsFriendly 1 Lose G7-ConsSF1 Lose G7-ConsSF2
10:00 a.m. Girls' 7s G7-ChampFriendly 2 Lose G7-ChampSF1 Lose G7-ChampSF2
10:30 a.m. Boys' 7s B7-ConsFriendly1 1 Lose B7-QF1 Lose B7-QF2
10:30 a.m. Boys' 15s B15-Friendly2 5 Win B15-Cons Lose B15-SF2
11:00 a.m. Girls' 7s G7-ConsFinal 1 Win G7-ConsSF1 Win G7-ConsSF2
11:00 a.m. Girls' 7s G7-ChampFinal 5 Win G7-ChampSF1 Win G7-ChampSF2
11:30 a.m. Boys' 7s B7-ConsFinal 1 Lose B7-SF1 Lose B7-SF2
11:30 a.m. Boys' 7s B7-ChampFinal 5 Win B7-SF1 Win B7-SF2
12:00 p.m. Boys' 15s B15-Finals 5 Win B15-SF1 Win B15-SF2

Located in Hamilton, ON, Hillfield Strathallan College is a Canadian independent, co-educational day school.
The academic program runs from Montessori Toddler and Pre-K to Grade 12.

Hillfield Strathallan College | 299 Fennell Avenue West | Hamilton, ON L9C 1G3 | 905-389-1367