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HSC's Board of Governors are a group of experts from across a variety of industries who are committed to the successful stewardship of the College.
HSC’s Board of Governors is composed of individuals committed to the successful stewardship of the College. The role of the Board is to establish and direct policies for the College, oversee HSC’s financial affairs and appoint a Head of College, and conduct his/her review. The Board is strictly a policy board, not an operational board, leaving responsibility for day-to-day operations to the HSC administration team.
Members of the Board are widely representative of key school constituencies and are elected based on their demonstrated ability and desire to effect a positive direction for the College. Strengths in law, construction, finance, information technology, education, transportation and manufacturing all mesh together to form a Board that is active and committed to HSC. Terms for the Board comprise three years with the possibility of a maximum of three additional, consecutive one year terms.

The Board meets approximately 10 times a year, augmented by monthly sub-committee meetings in the areas of Finance, Governance, Audit, Nominations, Alumni and Parents’ Guild. Communication to parents and other stakeholders is through email, an appointed Parent Ambassador or Board-Parent information meetings. Direct questions can be sent to: chair@hsc.on.ca.

List of 15 members.

  • Photo of Bruce Pearson

    Bruce Pearson 

    Chair, Board of Governors
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  • Photo of Mary Williams

    Mary Williams 

    Corporation Secretary
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  • Photo of Olabode Akintan

    Olabode Akintan 

    Chair, Nominating Committee
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  • Photo of Cindy Clarke

    Cindy Clarke 

    Chair, Board Development Committee
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  • Photo of Christine Mills

    Christine Mills 

    Chair, Finance Committee
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  • Photo of Geoff Reiner

    Geoff Reiner 

    Chair, Board of Trustees
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  • Photo of Ogunroti Ayibiowu

    Ogunroti Ayibiowu 

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  • Photo of Martin Doble

    Martin Doble 

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  • Photo of Andrew Hammond

    Andrew Hammond 

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  • Photo of Meagan Hill

    Meagan Hill 

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  • Photo of Randi McCabe

    Randi McCabe 

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  • Photo of Parveen Sandhu

    Parveen Sandhu 

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  • Photo of Erik Schaefer

    Erik Schaefer 

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  • Photo of Charlie Sherman

    Charlie Sherman 

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  • Photo of Marc Ayotte

    Marc Ayotte 

    Head of College
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