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HSC's Parents' Guild welcomes all parents and guardians to take part in fostering school spirit and supporting fundraising initiatives throughout the year.
Parent's Guild
HSC’s Parents’ Guild (PG) exists to nurture a spirit of friendship and community at HSC and to assist the Advancement Office in raising funds to enhance our learning environment.
All parents and guardians with children enrolled at HSC are members of the PG, but the level of involvement is up to each individual. Entirely volunteer-run, the PG hosts fundraising events such as Winterfest and Monster Mash, and oversees the Student-to-Student Uniform Program, including the sales of gently used uniforms throughout the year.

The PG Leadership Steering Committee (LSC) works in partnership with the Head of College and the Advancement Office to facilitate a spirit of friendship and community at HSC and to assist in raising funds to enhance the HSC learning environment. The LSC includes the following positions: Chair, Past-Chair and Vice-Chair.

The HSC Parents’ Guild Leadership Steering Committee 2022-2023
Chair: Jing Guo
Vice-Chair: Dawn Lovie
Past-Chair: Daniela Roque
Used Uniform Sale Representatives: Diana Jiang and Wendy Lam
NISPA Representative: Polin Sankar-Persad
Montessori School Rep: Brittney Holton '04 
Junior School Rep: Suzanne Schneider 
Middle School Rep: Sadia Ansari
Senior School Rep: Andrea DeSantis 
Staff Appreciation Representatives: Raman Gill and Jane Leong 
Social Coordinator: Sherri Morris 
"For those of you who are new, we are glad you found us. HSC is a truly special place filled with great people. I can remember my first fall at HSC and the feeling of excitement mixed with apprehension. I had so many questions, and thanks to the PG, I was able to navigate those first few weeks of school with ease. Like me, you are likely to have questions about busing, uniforms, daily schedules for your child and other matters. The College Handbook is a great resource for answering many of those questions, but please do not hesitate to reach out to me personally or via email for further information."

– Jing Guo, Chair, Parents’ Guild
HSC Parents’ Guild Guiding Principles

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Get Involved

We encourage all parents and guardians to join in on the fun. To explore some of the ways you can participate in the Parents’ Guild, send us an email with your areas of interest. Contact pg@hsc.on.ca 
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Please reach out to us if you would like to talk about anything at HSC. We look forward to hearing from you!

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