• Mission, Guiding Principles & Ideals

      Mission, Guiding Principles & Ideals

About HSC

Mission, Guiding Principles & Ideals

We believe in our students.
Learn with joy. Live with purpose.

Our core mission is to develop joyful and engaged students who live life with purpose. We believe the best learning happens when students are happy to come to school, have opportunities to follow their passions and are able to participate in deep learning experiences that challenge them. 
When engaged students learn with joy, they develop strong relationships with their peers and caring adults who spark and support their learning both in and out of the classroom. Their journey at HSC prepares them to live with purpose—to understand their world and to inspire, lead, act and make a difference in unique ways.

We learn
  • With an understanding of ourselves as learners;
  • With each other, and from each other;
  • With a blend of challenge and support;
  • With an expectation, and the encouragement needed, to lead;
  • With excellence honoured and demonstrated;
  • Through creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit to think critically;
  • With resiliency in mind and body;
  • An awareness of, and engagement in, global, cultural, economic, social and environmental issues.

A unique element of our strategic plan renewal is the engagement of all HSC students to define the values that should guide our College community. We believe that living these ideals positions community members to be well-rounded leaders with a sense of purpose.


  • We are honest not only with our peers and colleagues, but with ourselves
  • We stand up for what we believe in
  • We take responsibility for our actions
  • We are true to our word
  • We allow actions to speak louder than words
  • We understand the importance of being humble
  • We think beyond ourselves through empathy and kindness
  • We are courteous and compassionate
  • We find a sense of worth and value in others and ourselves
  • We are conscious and responsible for our own and the College’s environmental sustainability 
  • We build friendships through inclusivity and the celebration of individual differences
  • We foster positive relationships at HSC and beyond our gates
  • We educate ourselves and each other of issues beyond the College
  • We guide and support each other through mentorship
  • We create equitable and inclusive spaces for all groups
  • We learn alongside each other
  • We are committed and optimistic
  • We encourage individuals to strive for their own excellence
  • We persevere when faced with adversity
  • We learn from our missteps
  • We inspire and encourage individuals to express themselves positively in the pursuit of their own unique passions
  • We value creativity and innovative thinking
  • We are confident in who we are and who we will become
  • We celebrate our diverse experiences and their influence on us
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