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Qin/Yang Family Scholarship

Qin/Yang Family Scholarship
Hillfield Strathallan College is committed to our campus equity, diversity and inclusion. One of the initiatives highlighted in our strategic plan is to focus on becoming a more pluralistic community, including seeking out, recruiting and admitting students, hiring faculty, and supporting staff representing the broader community.  
The Qin/Yang Family Scholarship is available for one external HSC applicant entering Grade 5 to Grade 9 who embodies the College’s Mission, Vision and Values. This is the first scholarship at HSC that aims to support students from various social and ethnic backgrounds and of different genders, sexual orientations, etc., with outstanding academic and leadership potential.
Candidates who apply for The Qin/Yang Family Scholarship will be required to write and submit a minimum 500-word essay demonstrating their academic and leadership excellence for review by the selection committee. The applicant is encouraged to share perspectives on what equity, diversity, and inclusion mean to them and how they plan to use their time at Hillfield Strathallan College to further their academic and leadership development.
The scholarship is valued at $1,000 and is distributed as a one-time tuition deduction.

For more on this opportunity, read our scholarship information overview here or contact: scholarships@hsc.on.ca.
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