Patrons of HSC

Patrons are persons honoured for their extraordinary support of Hillfield Strathallan College and its predecessors, and who act as trusted guardians of the College’s history, traditions and future directions. Awarded by the Board of Governors, this is the highest honour bestowed by the College on its supporters.

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  • Michael G. DeGroote Sr. Hon. ’09

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  • Colin S. Lazier* ’35

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  • William H. Young* ’35

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  • Joyce Young ’43

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  • Judith King-Siganski ’62

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  • Gary W. DeGroote ’74

Former Patrons

Mr. Howard S. Ambrose*
Mr. & Mrs. St. Clair Balfour*
Mr. Leo Barnett
Mr. C. Harry Boothe*       
Sir George McLaren Brown
Mr.Walter S. Burrill* ’34
Gen. Harry D. G. Crerar* ’05
Mr. Ralph L. Dame*
Mrs. C. M. Doolittle
Mr. & Mrs. Gordon C. Ferrie ’09
Dr. John I. Frid*
Mrs. I. Flora Frid*
Mr. R. W. Frost* ’07
Mrs. Florence Gibson*
Rev. George P. Gilmour*
Rev. Cecil A. Heaven*
Mrs. William Hendrie
Mr. William B. Hendrie*
Col. The Hon. Mr. Justice
Colin W. G. Gibson*, QC, MC, VD
Mr. Arthur Killip*
Sir Edwin Leather* ’33
Mr. H. H. Leather*
Mr. D. Litt
Mrs. Adelaide Lynch-Staunton*
Mrs. Ruth MacKay ’42
Mr. James MacKay
Mr. Argue Martin* ’14
Mrs. R. P. McBride
Major-Gen. The Hon. S. C. Mewburn*
Mrs. I. Olmsted
The Most Rev. Derwyn T. Owen
Mr. Frank H. Sherman*
Mr. G. E. F. Smith
Mr. Frederick N. Southam* ’30
Dr. Clement H. Stearn*
Mr. Harry G. Thode*
Mrs. Victor Vallance
Mrs. C. S. Wilcox*
Mr. A. V. Young


Builders of HSC

Since the founding of Highfield in 1901, and throughout the periods of Hillcrest, Hillfield, Strathallan and their successor, Hillfield Strathallan College, there have been many loyal and hardworking constituents whose support shaped the very existence and development of the schools. To acknowledge the outstanding contributions of those who have given so much by way of personal effort and/or financial support, new Builders are honoured at a celebratory dinner, which takes place every two years. HSC selects Builders from the main sectors of our constituency, including alumni, parents of alumni, friends, former governors and former staff.

Our 2018 Honourees

Ms. Dianne de Freitas
Mrs. Hoda Kayal
Mr. George McCarter
Mr. Rob Reiner
Mr. David Simpson '73

    • Builders - 2018 Honourees

      Builders - 2018 Honourees

      Builders - 2018 Honourees

Previously Inducted Builders of HSC

Mr. Howard S. Ambrose*
Mr. Peter Annable
Mrs. Donna Baillie
Mr. St. Clair Balfour* ’22
Mrs. St. Clair Balfour*
Mr. St. Clair Balfour*
Mr. William Balfour* ’37
Miss Elsie M. Bartlett*
Mr. John Beaver
Mrs. Maria Boers*
Mr. Peter Bradley
Mr. Ron S. Bremner ‘67
Mr. Hugh T. Brown
Mrs. Kathleen T. Bruce*
Mr. Walter S. Burrill* ’34
Miss Alice Burton
Mr. J. Frederic Butler*
Mr. Ian C. Campbell
Mr. Colin D. Campbell
Mrs. Mary Lou Ciancone
Mr. Peter Colangelo
Mr. John H. Collinson*
Mr. Ray Connell*
Mr. Campbell V.B. Corbet*
Mrs. Elizabeth Currier*
Mr. Fenner F. Dalley* ’35
Mrs. Joanna L. Dalley*
Mr. Ralph L. Dame*
Mr. Gary W. DeGroote ’74
Mr. Michael G. DeGroote Hon. ’09
Mr. Tony DePasquale
Mrs. Lee DePasquale
Mr. Ross Dixon* ’30
Mrs. Mary Ker Earnshaw ’41
Mrs. Myrna Weaver Evel ’56
Mrs. Dawn Eveley '79
Dr. Hugo T. Ewart*
Miss Eileen Fitzgerald*
Mr. Peter Foster ’42
Mrs. H.P. (Flora) Frid*
Mr. Ron L. Foxcroft
Mrs. Colin Gibson*
Col. The Honourable Colin Gibson*
Sir John & Lady Gibson*
Cdr. Colin S. Glassco* ’19
Mrs. Barbara Goldblatt*
Mrs. Sondra Goldblatt
Mr. H.B. Greening ’49
Miss Edith Grinstead*
Mrs. Blanka Guyatt
Mr. Gordon B. Hamilton* ’36
Mr. Bruce D. Heagle ‘76
Mr. Douglas E. Heagle*
The Rev. Cecil A. Heaven*
Mr. Ted Helwig*
Col. The Honourable
Mr. John S. Hendrie*
Mrs. William Hendrie*
Mr. Charles C. Holton* ’41
Mr. William (Bill) E. Holton '58*
Mr. William V. Holton* ’32
Mr. Mark B. Hudson
Mr. Donald J. Huxley*
Mr. C. Wallace Jacques '48*
Mrs. Pauline Jones*
Ms. Eeva Kastikainen-Jones
Mr. David I. Ker* ’37
Mr. Frederick I. Ker*
Mr. Wayne Keyes*
Mr. Arthur F. Killip*
Mrs. Judith King-Siganski '62
Mrs. Rhonda Kostuk
Mr. Richard Kostuk*
Mr. James R. A. Langs* ’32
Mrs. Barbara Lazier ’67
The Honourable Colin S. Lazier* ’35
Mrs. Bonnie L. Lendrum
Mrs. Toni LeRoy*
Mr. Luke H. LeRoy*
Mrs. Hilda Line
Mrs. Kathleen Luchak
Mr. Raymond Marks
Mr. Frederick O. Martin* ’29
Mr. E.K.C. Martin*
Dr. Tom Matthews Hon. ‘10
Mr. A.R.W. McKay* ’36
Mrs. Elizabeth Jackson McKay*
Miss Evelyn M. Mills*
Mrs. Elizabeth Mills McKinney '29*
Mr. Brian Morison* ’41
Mrs. Alexia Newey*
Col. John P. Page*
Mr. Jeff Paikin ’80
Mr. Larry Paikin
Mrs. Tamara Paikin Nolan
Cdr. George H. Parke* ’36
Mr. Thomas P. Peacock*
Mrs. Hilda M. Pearce*
Dr. Sumie Peeris
Mrs. Marlene Phillion-Jacques
Mr. Charles Pirie*
Mrs. Mary Proctor* ’30
Mrs. Alice Bell Robertson* ’28
Michaele Robertson
Mr. Roy D. Robertson*
Cdr. Sam F. Ross*
Dr. Leila W.M. Ryan
Mrs. Cecile Schreiber
Mrs. Susan Scott
Mr. S.W.C. Scott* ’05
Suzanne Shulman
Mr. J. Ben Simpson ’41*
Mr. John Simpson '75
Mrs. Audrey Goodwin Southam*
Mr. William Southam* ’25
Mr. Philip M. Spicer ’53
Dr. Clement H. Stearn*
Mr. Geoffrey G. Steel*
Mr. Richard Stockdale
Mr. Michael W. Taylor
Mr. W. Norman Thomson* ’31
Mrs. Gail Vedelago
Miss Janet Virtue*
Headmaster Emeritus M.B.Wansbrough
Mrs. Mary Wigle Warren* ’32
Mr. Stuart Waters*
Mr. Murray Weaver ’66
Mrs. C.S. Wilcox*
Mr. H. Kenneth Wood*
Mr. Bryan Wylie*
Mr. W.H. Young* ’35
Dofasco Inc.
J.P. Bickell Foundation
The Lawson Foundation
The Lillian & Leroy Page Foundation
The Malloch Foundation
The R. Samuel McLaughlin Foundation
The W. Garfield Weston Foundation

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