A Sense of Belonging, a Spirit of Giving
Parent of alumni and current HSC Montessori teacher Jacqueline Teggart speaks from the heart about her family’s long-standing association with HSC.

“My history with HSC began in 1977 as my husband and I researched possible schools for our only child, Dana. At the time she was less than 18 months old. Before she turned three, Dana began her 16 year journey at the College. I have never underestimated the impact that this commitment and association had on our lives. Our daughter became a “Lifer”, spending her entire pre-university days at HSC.

In a very short period of time, I became personal friends with Dianne de Freitas. Her passion and knowledge of Montessori pedagogy, coupled with the joy of learning that our daughter demonstrated on a daily basis, both intrigued and fascinated me. So much so, that I decided to pursue a professional life in teaching.  This was a very different career from my previous position in graphic arts at Alchem Chemicals. I have never looked back on the commercial world and have embraced the Montessori theory in heart and soul. My enrolment at the Toronto Montessori Institute was one of the most significant decisions of my life.

After seven years as an HSC parent and active member of the Parent’s Association (now the Parents’ Guild) I became a staff member. I’ll never forget the words of my nine year old daughter as we drove to school together for the first time, “Remember Mummy, this is my school.” I think that sums it up in a very childlike way, ‘MY SCHOOL’. At her very young age, she had a true sense of belonging to, and being part of, a larger family. It was a nurturing environment that supported her intellectually, socially and emotionally.

Experiencing HSC through the lens of a parent before becoming a staff member gave me an appreciation and understanding of both perspectives.

Philanthropy has always been an important aspect of my life and one that I am confident has been passed onto my daughter and grandsons. The importance of supporting and giving back, no matter how great or small, to a charitable organization, an educational institute or ideal, or through a personal fundraising connection, remains ethically and socially responsible.

As an avid supporter of World Vision, Burlington Community Living, Hunger Games UK, HSC and other organizations, I hope I inspire my daughter and grandsons to embrace the spirit of giving. HSC is a significant component of my life, and I can’t imagine a greater gift than the ability to give to an organization that inspires, nurtures and supports the learning and development of young individuals. I am honoured to have played a role in the HSC community.         

Located in Hamilton, ON, Hillfield Strathallan College is a Canadian independent, co-educational day school.
The academic program runs from Montessori Toddler and Pre-K to Grade 12.

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