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International Student Guardianship

HSC’s international students benefit from the partnership and guardianship services provided by Canadian Education Student Services. 
HSC’s International Student Guardianship
All International visa students attending HSC require a guardian who will, in partnership with the parents and school, ensure the student’s success during their time at HSC.
Canadian Education Student Services (CESS) provides guardianship services for HSC and specializes in supporting the needs of students from application through to graduation. Students living with parents in the country for the full duration of their subsequent learning program may be exempted from this guardian requirement at the discretion of the Director of Admissions. 

CESS guardianship package services for HSC host family students cost $2,000 annually.  For international  students living with their parents, the cost is $1,500. An additional one-time, non-refundable registration fee of $500 will apply to the students’ first year with CESS. All fees will be collected by HSC as part of enrolment and ongoing enrolment and remitted to CESS. 
CESS Guardianship Services include:

  • Translation services to parents and the school as required
  • Facilitating guardianship registration once HSC provides a Letter of Acceptance
  • Assist new student with arrival
    - Liaise with the student and bring necessary documentation to the Admissions Office for registration
    - Liaise with the student for orientation on designated date
    - Arrange for the student to be met at the airport and brought to his/er hos family and ensure arrangement of airport transfers for return trips home
  • Assist the student and parents in completing the HSC re-enrolment package (forms and tuition payment)
  • Provide guidance to student regarding school program and activities 
  • Provide consent to school for academic programming, trips and activities
  • Attend parent-teacher interviews
  • Advocate for the student on behalf of parents on any academic, behavioral or emotional concerns
  • Provide notes and/or phone calls as required for student attendance (absences, late notices)
  • Assist student with all renewal details, including:
    - Guardianship
    - Entry Visa
    - School Enrolment
    - Passport
    - Study Permit
  • Act as a 24-hour emergency contact, even when travelling 

For further information about CESS’ services, please contact CESS Director Winnie He by telephone at (416) 458-6696 or by email at winnie@cessca.com
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